Oct 27, 2010

Yawn - hurry up Cataclysm!!!!

It's a bit cbf at the moment. I log in, do the headless horseman, logout. Everytime I select a random dungeon it isn't random, seem to always get ToC - ughhhh. I really hate that place, gimmciky vehicle encounters just leave me cold. So I just leave the instance and logout. Last night was different however, I decided to visit some old content :) and went to Shadow Labs, what fun lol, killed murmur in less than a few seconds on heroic. What a difference 10 levels and good gear makes in these 70 instances, it's like being on a sight seeing tour. I remember years ago wiping again and again here and getting really frustrated. After that I went to Sethhek Halls and lo and behold there was Anzu - oohhhh! Looks like he's farmable without a druid now for the mount. After some quick research it appears that the drop rate has been increased significantly, which would explain why I've seen so many of the Raven Lord mounts strutting around Dal lately. Only bit of news macro wise is that I'm using the AoE macro on the pally all the time now, it holds aggro better.

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