Jan 11, 2000

about me

I am seriously addicted to world of warcraft and have been playing since January 2005. My first 60 was an alliance mage named Ameggy and I had a lot of fun levelling her, however I was never online at the right times and couldn't raid and the best I could do was sit in trade all night looking for pugs, I did ok and managed to get a few MC runs but at that time Mages were little more than decursing and vending machines. Well I levelled Ameggy up to 70 when TBC came out and got her to 375 enchanting/tailoring and thought I was pretty 1337 lol. Well one day I'm farming rep somewhere and a horde destro lock drops out of nowhere and before I knew it I was dead, he then camped me and I realised that Mages suck. I switched to horde as the ally were getting on my nerves with all the whining 12 year olds and rolled a BE lock. That was the best move I'd made in the game thus far. The lock playstyle really suited me and I loved PvP, there's nothing like killing a player in PvP even after you're dead. Dots=Win. I loved it so much I renamed my character to : Pheardotdead just so the ally knew what they were in for lol.

PvP got a bit boring though and I'm much more a PvE'er so what to do? The worst time was sitting in trade for 3 hours each night for over a week for an Arcatraz run so that I could get Kara attuned. I finally gave up and decided there had to be a better way. Multiboxing was the answer, it's not without it's own ups and downs but when it's 11:30pm server time and you feel like running an instance you don't have to wait for anyone. Please feel free to look around this site and grab any macros and addons.