Jan 1, 2000

how to box

so how do you box? Here's the list of stuff you'll need:

1 - Well for a start you'll need 2 or more wow accounts, 10 day trials from blizzard are usually available so sign up for a couple here : http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/index.xml

2 - keystroke parser of some sort, there are a few around but I highly recommend keyclone at : http://www.solidice.com/index.html, what does it do? It parses keystrokes to 1 or more wow screens, sets up maximizer regions (read more later), handles pip swap (more on that later), mouse cloning etc etc. Personal opinion here: there are other methods, some free, some not. Keyclone is not flavour of the month at the moment but it's solid, easy to setup and pretty cheap for all the features and service support you get from Rob. It was the first one I ever used and I keep on coming back to it because it's so damn easy, it's set and forget, it JustWorks(tm).

3 - an in game slave controller - I recommend Jamba from : http://wow.jafula.com/addons/jamba, what does it do? mmmm pretty much everything, in a nutshell it automates everything for your slaves driven by the actions of your main, like taking parsing taxi node info so all your slaves fly at the same time, quest response automation so they all open/accept/finish quests at the same time - lots of other things you'll need. It's beautifly written and has amazing support in the community and by the developer Jafula. I really don't think the guy ever sleeps.

there will be more !!!!!

first macros