Apr 27, 2009

Culling of Stratholme

I was running around dalaran on my pally just having a gander at everything and noticed these big stairs. I run up them have a look around and run up some more stairs and there's a portal to the Caverns of Time WOO HOO!! I loved those instances and hadn't been back because the journey took so long. Remember this is a box team created with RAF so they didn't have any rep to use the portal in world's end tavern in Shattrath, only my lock has that. So I think GREAT! and grab the team and off we go to CoS. Bad move, really really bad move.

my WoW rules
Rule number one: leave hubris at the door
Rule number two: read about the instance
New Rule number three: read what Arthas is saying to you, READ IT you DUMBASS

So completely ignoring my rule set I enter CoS, I do not listen to Arthas and stand there at the entrance with him for 10 minutes, why? Er wasn't this an escort quest? I /tap my toes he doesn't move, I /poke him he doesn't move. So I decide to run around and kill stuff all the while seeing there is some text displayed on my screen but can't really read it because I have xperl unit frames and have a frame right where the text is, but hey it's not important right? >.< Then there's messages in chat saying saying something about something at somewhere but I have no idea where that is. I get bored, very very bored and hearth.

I left the instance unhappy but then remembered that there was a 26g quest at the start that netted me 5x26g woo hoo! plus some greens to DE not bad, not bad at all. I then read up about CoS, and realised I'd just missed meathook - damnit. Oh well, I'll know next time.

Apr 24, 2009

Heroic Grundrak Down

this happened a few weeks ago but in wow time was only 3 days ago, I had to go to the UK for work (22 hours flytime >.<) and only got back 3 wow sessions ago, the day before the flight I attempted Heroic Grundrak and here we go - nice glove upgrade :)


there's a multiboxer addon for wow named multiboxer, I really like descriptive names for applications don't you? I didn't write this excellent mod and it looks like it's no longer maintained which was ok until the 3.1 patch came along and broke group invites, so I fixed it but since I'm not the owner and the owner isn't replying to my messages I'm hosting it the my files section. So if you need multiboxer v2 that works with wow 3.1, help yourself. I think there maybe 4 of us in total lol due to jamba taking over the world.

Apr 23, 2009

new kit

5 weeks ago my trusty gaming rig died, on a staurday morning no less >.<. I was all ready to start my first boxing heroic and this happened. Anyway in my area we don't really have pc component sellers so I checked out the 3 local pc shops. Needless to say they just didn't have a gaming rig lying around and yes I would have to get one built. Well $AU1600 later I ended up with a Q9550, 1tb drive, Gigabyte 250 video card etc etc. I was able to reuse my old ram. It's amazing the speed this thing flies at, silently too. I couldn't afford the i7 so this was it for me. My next purchase is a 60g SSD which should arrive within a week, the idea here is that I'll put the wow data directory on the SSD and nothing else, no other writes at all and with a seek of .2ms I'll be able to run around dalaran without lagging.....maybe....


there's an opensource mouse utility (not written by me) that I've been playing around with that allows you to send mouse commands via a dos batch file like right click, left click at screen pos etc and then batch up the commands. The utility of this is amazing for multiboxers who control multiple screens. The problem with a lot of multiboxing applications for single machine boxers is that you can't replicate mouse commands on multiple windows, sendmice gets around that for predefined moves ie you have multiple mages and want to cast multiple blizzards. Well you could create a wow macro to centre the screen on each window and then hit the sendmice bat file to click each blizzard button/move to centre of each screen/cast blizzard. You can find it in the my files section of this blog, enjoy.

wow - I'd forgotten all about this blog while levelling

Best intentions are funny things aren't they? The road to hell and all that. Anyway there's been some huge changes in my boxing setup since the last post, in brief:
Those level 7 chars got to level 70 and I ditched all but the Paladin when RAF came out. I then used the Paly to powerlevel 4 Orc Shaman and the Paly/Shaman are my main team now. Last night I cleared Heroic Utgarde Keep on the first attempt. Not bad, not bad at all.