Oct 27, 2010

Yawn - hurry up Cataclysm!!!!

It's a bit cbf at the moment. I log in, do the headless horseman, logout. Everytime I select a random dungeon it isn't random, seem to always get ToC - ughhhh. I really hate that place, gimmciky vehicle encounters just leave me cold. So I just leave the instance and logout. Last night was different however, I decided to visit some old content :) and went to Shadow Labs, what fun lol, killed murmur in less than a few seconds on heroic. What a difference 10 levels and good gear makes in these 70 instances, it's like being on a sight seeing tour. I remember years ago wiping again and again here and getting really frustrated. After that I went to Sethhek Halls and lo and behold there was Anzu - oohhhh! Looks like he's farmable without a druid now for the mount. After some quick research it appears that the drop rate has been increased significantly, which would explain why I've seen so many of the Raven Lord mounts strutting around Dal lately. Only bit of news macro wise is that I'm using the AoE macro on the pally all the time now, it holds aggro better.

Oct 18, 2010

macros updated for 4.0

I've updated the macros I use in the macro section with the addition of the shammy dps macros. Posted here as well :)

for single target
/cast elemental mastery
/cast blood fury
/castsequence [@targettarget, harm] [] reset=combat Flame Shock, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt
/cast Lava Burst
 for AOE, subbed some chain lightning in to match the Pally AOE macr
/cast elemental mastery
/cast blood fury
/castsequence [@targettarget, harm] [] reset=combat Flame Shock, Chain Lightning,Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock, Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt
/cast Lava Burst

Oct 17, 2010


It was pretty late last night and I really needed sleep but wanted to test out the macros I'd been working on and an instance situation. Using BindPad I bound my single target and aoe macros to buttons on my xkeys, then I created two identical dps macros on each shammy and bound both to the same keys as the pallys. The handy thing with /castsequence macros is that if two are the same they keep there place in the rotation even when called by a different keystroke so you can maintain the rotation, try it, you'll be surprised.

I chose to do Heroic PoS as Garfrost is pretty easy to get to.The trash packs went down far quicker than my expectations, the large skellies didn't even get  a chance to cast a fear. Garfrost himself went down after the first phase when it used to be after the second phase, gotta be happy with that, didn't notice any aggro issues when I remembered to use the aoe macro :P

Oct 16, 2010

An achieve I just had to have before the patch

There are loads of achieves, some really silly. But there's one that always appealed to me: Did somebody order a knuckle sandwich? pretty hilarious for a caster :P

4.0 and some lessons learned

It's been an eventful few weeks. 4.0 patch and the arrival of my second son. Hence I've had little time to even log into wow >.<. Although delightful as it is to have a new baby, it's also very stressful and since I neither drink nor smoke nor do drugs my only source of stress relief is kicking butt in wow :)

In those rare moments when I can actually sit down at the pc and read something for more than 3 seconds, I've found these posts to be the most informative for my tankadin as they are concise and without epeen:

4.0 Tankadin FAQ
4.0 Talent Spec & Glyph guide

Macro wise empty parms in castsequence are no longer supported so /click + /castsequence doesn't appear to be as alluring as it once was. I only switched to /click + /castsequence in the last year so it's not much of a drama for me. I've been spending time at the training dummy fine tuning new macros which are not so surprisingly similar to my pre click ones but are now called by /click

maintankadin assures me that I need two rotations, one for single target and the other aoe. I've come up with a /click approach utilising a castsequence and direct casting of spells which appears to work very well (on the target dummies in org at any rate). It appears that /click and macros are able to not get stuck on a spell that's on cooldown when called from /cast or /click. They just fallthrough which is great for picking up procs like the tankadin instant AS.

My single target setup
this is the click macro
/click MultiBarLeftButton1
/click MultiBarLeftButton3
/click MultiBarLeftButton4
/click MultiBarLeftButton5

on MultiBarLeftButton1 I have this /castsequence macro

/castsequence reset=combat Judgement, Crusader Strike, Shield of the Righteous, Crusader Strike, Hammer of the Righteous

MultiBarLeftButton3 has Avenger's Shield
MultiBarLeftButton4 has Holy Wrath
MultiBarLeftButton5 has Consecration

For AOE the click macro is
/click MultiBarLeftButton2
/click MultiBarLeftButton3
/click MultiBarLeftButton4
/click MultiBarLeftButton5

On MultiBarLeftButton2 I have this macro
/castsequence reset=combat Judgement, Hammer of the Righteous, Shield of the Righteous, Hammer of the Righteous, Hammer of the Righteous

It's good to have Shield of the Righteous early on so that you get Holy Shield asap, otherwise you'll be too squishy:
that's it, so they both use the fall throughs and get all the procs. Nice.

Added a link to a blog I found the other day: Kate's adventures in multi-boxing. A really well written blog full of info, also means I never have to visit the dual boxing forums ever again and wade through all the epeen as Kate has distilled the good bits :P

Thanks Kate - you're a legend!

I'll talk about shammy macros when I get some time, I can hear the baby crying...Yawn.