Nov 16, 2010


What to do hey? While waiting for Cat to hit, when I should be doing dailies and becoming rich, I'm leveling my Death Knight named Scarypants. She's currently at 71. I created this toon way back in April 2009 as something to play on the work laptop while I was working overseas for a few weeks and left her at 62 in Zangamarsh. So it's taken me a couple of weeks of very casual play to get her to 71, just questing and teaming up with the shammies for an occasional instance. It's tempting to level through BGs to 80 now as I did with my lock, the downside of that is rep loss so I've decided to level properly and last night got the Toured the Fjord achievement. It's amazing, at level 71 this death knight hits like a truck and has incredible survivability, I'm able to take on level 71 elites with little issue, very nice indeed. Being able to fly for only 500g has had a huge impact on leveling speed.
I'm running the Blood DK diseaseless, in some cobalt tanking gear and quest rewards and am finding that mobs are dying very quickly (much faster than my tankadin). Even after 11 solid levels I'm still getting used to the playstyle and rotation. With some help I've come up with this set of macros:

/cast dark command
/click MultiBarRightButton1
/click MultiBarRightButton2

/castsequence reset=combat blood boil, heart strike, death strike, heart strike
/cast Rune Strike

/cast Rune Strike

They're a work in progress and have just noticed that I have Rune Strike twice lol, I was experimenting a bit last night and having the Rune Strike in the tank1 macro seemed to work better. Any comments are welcome, the macro is ok but still not quite there due I think to my lack of DK knowledge.

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