Feb 5, 2010

solo for awhile

boxing is great!! isn't it! isn't it? meh. No, seriously, I like it, a lot, but I gotta say it gets a bit special here and there. Well the news is this: the shammies and pally are in great T9 gear with a piece of frost badge stuff too. Nice, I can blast through instances like nobodies business but really, so what.
Some history:
Why did I become a boxer, what was the defining pivotal moment? I'm glad you asked! Some two years ago I had my main Pheardotdead sitting in Shattrath, I was trying to get Kara attuned and only needed to get an Arc run. You know what? and I'm serious now, no BS whatsoever, it took 3 weeks. 3 friggin weeks to get an Arc run and when I finally did get one the pug was shite. But in the end after too many wipes I got what I needed and moved on, a week or so later I started boxing because I never ever ever wanted to wait that long for anything ever again. I levelled a team to 70 and then started another team and levelled them to 80 and I gotta say I've had a lot of fun but you know what, it's really quiet. I feel the need to get out and group.