Oct 17, 2010


It was pretty late last night and I really needed sleep but wanted to test out the macros I'd been working on and an instance situation. Using BindPad I bound my single target and aoe macros to buttons on my xkeys, then I created two identical dps macros on each shammy and bound both to the same keys as the pallys. The handy thing with /castsequence macros is that if two are the same they keep there place in the rotation even when called by a different keystroke so you can maintain the rotation, try it, you'll be surprised.

I chose to do Heroic PoS as Garfrost is pretty easy to get to.The trash packs went down far quicker than my expectations, the large skellies didn't even get  a chance to cast a fear. Garfrost himself went down after the first phase when it used to be after the second phase, gotta be happy with that, didn't notice any aggro issues when I remembered to use the aoe macro :P

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