Nov 12, 2007

Level 11 and 10

I've just left Eversong Woods for Ghostlands - all mobs have been very easy and I'm just 1 (4) shotting them while the Pally does her nails. Only lost 2 of the team once due to a mouse error :) basically my mouse sometimes decides to send a keystroke for autorun or something due to my fat fingers pressing one of the side buttons.

My Setup
PC - Intel Dual Core E6600
Graphics - Nvidia GTS 8800
Mem - 2g of Corsair and 1 gig of yum cha brand
Screens : Dell 24 Wide + Syncmaster 19
KB - Logitech G15
Mouse - Razer Copperhead

Software - keyclone - awesome and well worth $10

I run 4 sessions tiled on the Dell and 1 for the Pally maximised on the Syncmaster. Keyclone will tile them for you if you start them with keyclone, I believe wowmaximiser will do the same thing.

Nov 7, 2007

Starting the multi-boxing journey

Probably a good place to start is to describe what dual or multi-boxing is. Multi boxing is running more than one copy of a game concurrently. Doesn't sound too exciting does it? It becomes pretty exciting when that game is World of Warcraft and your multi boxing 5 accounts. 5 ACCOUNTS! yes 5 accounts, I've read of people multiboxing with 20 accounts so 5 doesn't seem toooo bad.

So why would you run 5 accounts? Well if you're like me - impatient, then you want a group to go to Arc or wherever right now instead of sitting in general :Lock LFG Arc - 2 hours later and nothing. Also you want to be able to trust your pug and of course when can you ever trust your pug :) I don't know how many times I've been in groups that just exploded or I've missed out on phat loot because the master looter gave it to a guildie, or some idiot rolled need on an item so they could DE it. Arg.

If you multi box 5 accounts then you are your own group - you always get the loot :P many multiboxers regularly do instances and of course they never have to worry about the 12 year old rogue who thinks he's invincible and pulls while the tank is eating and the squishies are drinking.

So 2 weeks ago I started out with 2 accounts to see what it was like, I liked it - I rolled 2 BE mages and loved the simulataneous fireballs. I got them to level 7 and realised that 2 aren't enough. Since then I've added a pally, priest and another mage and they are all now level 7 and at the same quest point. I only just got the priest to 7 this morning before I went to work.

I know 7 isn't very impressive but I'm starting this blog at level 7 so that as I iron out issues with the macros and software I can share the solutions and also hopefully get some top tips from other multi-boxers.

Next post I'll describe my setup and talk about software and macros.