Oct 20, 2012

Awesomeness is its own reward.

Is it just me? Everyone seems so over the moon about Mists of Pandaria, sorry 'm just not getting it at all. I used to race to the PC to fire wow up, now it's a job. I'm probably just getting old, but I was perfectly happy with Cataclysm content, raiding several nights a week, having fun. Blizz! why not just create some new Raids hey! Why does everything always have to be such a big deal.

The thing that irks me, the thing that really bugs me is this: I have children and quite frankly I've watched Kung Fu panda way too many times now, I don't need to see little pandas running around and being constantly reminded of it in MY TIME.

But I'm not quitting wow, I came close a couple of times over the last few weeks, but no, I'm still here. I've been here since Jan 2005 and a little thing like the Kung Fu panda expansion will not drive me away. After all, I survived WoTLK........don't get me started.

Ok, progression wise I have a 90, Mammbo (the old Shoez) who had a sex/race change and then back to male and is now a troll (he's very confused), I do like his hairstyle, white mohawk, very becoming.
Here he is in all his glory!
I switched to enhance back in Cata and really enjoyed it, Mammbo is my main and something occurred to me earlier this year: "Why do I have to be enhance or elemental, why can't I just be DPS and switch to whatever spec makes sense for xxxx encounter?" So this is what I do, and this is how I play my toon in raids/5 mans/LFR - whatever and it does cause issues. Loot. More on that later.