May 24, 2009

serious instance burnout

>.< I went too far on the instance grind - burned out and couldn't face another boss so I decided to take a break and level up herbalism/inscription on one of my shammies named Shoez. I got really sidetracked and 7 days later he's 450 herbalism, 150 fishing, 170 inscription - it's been a lot of fun but after a week of picking flowers it's time to get back to team SPLAT.

Although I must say it has been interesting and while doing inscription you get to make this scroll that transports you back to Dalaran but doesn't work to well if you're over a certain level. Well Shoez is 80 and it's guaranteed not to work properly and I ended up is some parts of Azeroth I've never been to before. I even died once because I was teleported about a 100 feet in the air over the coast of Swamp of Sorrows - lucky for resurrection on Shaman.

Places teleported to so far:
STV twice - on the point in bay of BootyBay
Tarren Mill - in the field near the repair man
Swap of Sorrows - on the coast 100ft in the air
Crossroads twice

Some pics:

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