May 14, 2009

Heroic Drak'Tharon Keep

Well I decided after a short break farming HG that I'd go to Drak'Tharon Keep, there's a few nice items in there that I wouldn't mind for my team so off I went! Well, 3 hours, 6 wipes and 240g in repairs later lol I finally did it all.

Here's the team in front of the Prophet, he be dead :)
So! why did it take so long and prove to be so difficult? That second boss Novos the Summoner was a killer, I wiped 3 times because I thought that I could just burn her down. The adds were no issue at all. Finally on the fourth attempt I popped out 4 earth elementals and it was cake. For some reason she couldn't damage them too much and they lasted for ages while the shammies DPS'd her, the pally was just doing her nails and yawning.

The dino boss King Dred caused 3 wipes until I decided to use 3 staggered Tremor Totems for the fears so I had an anti-fear pulse once a second, he went down too easy. Well that was it! The first guy Trollgore was just a T&S where I got some nice boots and the last boss was a joke. All up I really rate this instance and will be back for more punishment.

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