Sep 25, 2009

easy upgrades

How good is being able to get Conquest Badges in heroics? Awesome, simply awesome. I've managed to get loads of gear for the shammies and some nice upgrades for the pally. I noticed that over the last week or so that my Heroic Grundrak, Halls of Lightning, Draktharon Keep runs have been easy so I decided last night to try Violet Hold which I'd found quite difficult earlier this year and placed it in my "to be avoided" basket. I cleaned up, so how easy is that instance? amazingly easy, but I guess that's what happens when you totally outgear a place. It was funny getting the achievement for completing the instance x 5 in guild chat, one of my members said:
"achievement fest!!!!"

So, now maybe is the time to go take a look at Utgarde Pinnacle and Culling of Stratholme. I've always found these places difficult due to the movement required, UP kills on the gauntlet and CoS just drives me crazy with all the running around but I want those Drakes :)

In other news I resurrected my Warlock: Pheardotdead because of the AV xp boost and levelled her from 71 to 80 just in AV in just a few days lol. I rotated it into some badge runs and found I could easily 4 man my usual content so she got some nice upgrades but I've decided to shelve her for awhile until I get the last of the badge gear I need for the shammies.

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