Apr 27, 2009

Culling of Stratholme

I was running around dalaran on my pally just having a gander at everything and noticed these big stairs. I run up them have a look around and run up some more stairs and there's a portal to the Caverns of Time WOO HOO!! I loved those instances and hadn't been back because the journey took so long. Remember this is a box team created with RAF so they didn't have any rep to use the portal in world's end tavern in Shattrath, only my lock has that. So I think GREAT! and grab the team and off we go to CoS. Bad move, really really bad move.

my WoW rules
Rule number one: leave hubris at the door
Rule number two: read about the instance
New Rule number three: read what Arthas is saying to you, READ IT you DUMBASS

So completely ignoring my rule set I enter CoS, I do not listen to Arthas and stand there at the entrance with him for 10 minutes, why? Er wasn't this an escort quest? I /tap my toes he doesn't move, I /poke him he doesn't move. So I decide to run around and kill stuff all the while seeing there is some text displayed on my screen but can't really read it because I have xperl unit frames and have a frame right where the text is, but hey it's not important right? >.< Then there's messages in chat saying saying something about something at somewhere but I have no idea where that is. I get bored, very very bored and hearth.

I left the instance unhappy but then remembered that there was a 26g quest at the start that netted me 5x26g woo hoo! plus some greens to DE not bad, not bad at all. I then read up about CoS, and realised I'd just missed meathook - damnit. Oh well, I'll know next time.

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