Apr 23, 2009

new kit

5 weeks ago my trusty gaming rig died, on a staurday morning no less >.<. I was all ready to start my first boxing heroic and this happened. Anyway in my area we don't really have pc component sellers so I checked out the 3 local pc shops. Needless to say they just didn't have a gaming rig lying around and yes I would have to get one built. Well $AU1600 later I ended up with a Q9550, 1tb drive, Gigabyte 250 video card etc etc. I was able to reuse my old ram. It's amazing the speed this thing flies at, silently too. I couldn't afford the i7 so this was it for me. My next purchase is a 60g SSD which should arrive within a week, the idea here is that I'll put the wow data directory on the SSD and nothing else, no other writes at all and with a seek of .2ms I'll be able to run around dalaran without lagging.....maybe....

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