Mar 7, 2011

Or not

What can I say? Erm....I didn't go back to boxing. Well I did, a bit. I took the team to Blacrock Caverns a few times on normal, managed to do the first couple of bosses and got the shammies some gear upgrades and while I was doing this I was thinking in the back of my mind "why am I doing this? I'm in a perfectly good guild to go and instance with and roflstomp through this content" and so I stopped.

Why box when there's a LFG tool or you have a good guild? Yes they're are bad pugs, but my experience on all three 85s so far has been mostly positive. I guess it's all down to the reason for boxing in the first place. Looking at my very first posts you can see that it was frustration at trying to find an arc run, or indeed any group for anything. It was never about the challenge of boxing. I can't see a reason for boxing now, I really can't.

Indeed there has been much roflstomping through content since I stopped. Phear is reasonably geared, so I levelled Aztrid the tankadin and then Shoez the shammy. Currently I'm levelling Boondoggle my balance druid who is at 60. It's so easy levelling now, the levels fly by.

Funny thing is, even though I'm a happy single boxer, I just can't let go of my six accounts >.< really must sort that out hey?

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