Dec 7, 2009

What happens when you don't research

World of Warcraft is a wonderful game, there are a lot of naysayers and wow bashers but I just can't help loving the game. I've levelled a hell of a lot of characters on multiple servers and am usually pretty up to date with patch notes and whatnot. I must say I missed something pretty significant, I'm not sure when it happened but it's mildly embarassing. Since when could we buy Tier 9 gear from that guy at the Argent Tourney? How could I have missed something so significant? There I was with 45 triumph badges and running around with blue shoulders that dropped from H Grundrak! I've been sitting in front of my wow screens bemoaning my low gear score, bemoaning my lack of oompah, looking at all my purples except for those damn shoulders!

You know how I found out? Was it through mmo-champion? was it through regular chats with my wow mates? nope. I found out by looking at someones armory page, someone posted something about something I can't even remember and they mentioned something like they'd never raided and I decided to check out their talents as I often do when it comes to pallys because obviously I have the best talent spec ;) and this was confirmed by looking at this guys talents, I mean what prot pally spends points in ret and doesn't aim for 3 points in crusade! MADNESS! you don't like 3% extra damage in general and another 3% on top against humaniods and whathaveyou? anyway that's just my totally justifiable opinion and it's my blog.

<-- you see that?

Well I digress, but after seeing his dismal choices in talents I noticed his achievements....not bad, not bad at all. I checked out his gear, some interesting choices, some very nice gear and .... WTF are those T9 shoulders doing there?

That's how I found out, which brings me to one of the major downsides to boxing, we boxers play in a vacuum. There's is no guild chat, no general chat, no advice, no-one saying "Hey did you hear about the guy who sells T9 gear for triumph badges?" but I now have T9 shoulders for the whole team and am looking forward to 3.3...tomorrow? And now for the upside, triumph badges from heroics and I can farm heroics all day whenever I choose or not choose, shouldn't take long and my team will look very spiffy indeed, gotta love the flaming shoulders on my shammies:)

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