Nov 22, 2009

Nice Drop!

I've been taking a break, occasionly doing dailies but certainly no instances. Well I was at the argent tourny turning in the dailies and thought to myself "lets do HToC, you never know the Peacekeeper Blade might drop". The thing with this blade is that it drops from Paeltras - one of the second bosses so it's no biggie to get to. I wander into the instance, finish the champions with 3 shammies dead (wasn't really paying attention lol). So I wiped on the champions because I pulled the rogue too close to my team so his blades cut everyone down, second run I got through them and there was nothing of interest in the cache so it got sharded. The second phase lo and behold it's Paeltras - woo hoo! So I down her and look in the cache..........Peacekeeper Blade, I nearly wet myself with joy and also a really nice shoulder upgrade for one of my shammies. Gotta say the blade is one of the funkiest looking weps I've seen in ages, it looks like some sort of chainsaw, I got my lock to wack +26 agility onto it and had to swap out my boots for the boots of heartfelt repentance as the new blade dropped my defense to 533. Doesn't matter, it looks awesome and I finally got the EPIC achievement :P

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