Oct 23, 2009

Drakes! WOOT!

The team have their drakes and yes they look magnificent lol. Each drake farming run went very smoothly except for the last one, I got cocky and thought I was so leet that nothing could even touch me in this instance (given that I rarely dropped below 80% health I can be forgiven for believing that lol), anyway back to the story, on the last run I park my shammies, totems out and pull Meathook, but I pull him too close to the shammies and somehow they all died, I wasn't watching them as it never occurred to me to look out for them as I've never had an issue with Meathook, I think this boss must have some sort of cleave, so they died and Meathook was at 5% maybe, he was nearly roasted anyway so I finished him off on the pally, rezzed the team, buffed up, drank and still managed to get the last drake with 1 minute to spare.....I guess I am pretty uber lol.


Slats said...

Great work mate. Enjoy reading about your adventures.

I'm working on my PvE Gear a little more but I'm probably fairly alright for giving Naxx10 a try soon with you.

I hope you've found or bought a new microphone cause we are def. going to want voice comms. :)

squiremedia said...

hey Slats! - yeah I found the mike hiding in the dust behind my pc :) I also have vent for my guild - I'll send you the details

I know you're working on your gear, I saw you outside ToC yesterday and you completely ignored me lol