Oct 13, 2009

Culling of Stratholme - magma totem ftw!

Remember a few posts ago I detailed my utter failure in CoS? I went in again yesterday expecting another failure, well noone in the team even got below 80% health, amazing! Magma totems are the key here, I have on my standard set of totems 3 magma and 1 tow as I find that the magma are more useful in more situations that the other fire totems for their aoe damage. I just dropped those whenever and they ate up all those undead adds, very nice. I didn't do the instance in 20 minutes and so didn't get the achievement/drake because I let Arthas die a few times which ate up time but all the bosses were trivial. Next time (today) I know what to do so maybe I'll be drake farming soon :P

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