Jul 3, 2013

BORED BORED BORED, even stabbing someone in the back is boring today!

Well Alliance isn't doing it for me.....I'll leave Flashman over there and unguilded so I can have some private time wowing if I need to. I did the Barrens quests and got the welfare epic gear so Flash is fitted out out nicely. Did the same thing on my Tankadin too, I'm not really a tank, I don't enjoy the pressure so Aztrid will most likely go back to ret, I did like ret but melee is a bit meh. As previously posted I'm totally off Shaman, poor old Mammbo has hardly had a lookin except for when I need his tradeskills. I'm off locks too, can't be bothered. I'm sometimes levelling my little rogue, but then he's melee and although stabbing someone in the back is a bit of fun at first, it does get deathly boring....no pun intended. So where does this leave me? Well, I was trawling through my toons and there she was, shining out like a shaft of gold, my mage. I hadn't taken her out for a spin since the Chinese sellout expansion beat me around the head with the boredom stick and rarely played her even in Cata. I specced her fire, checked out icy viens for stats and priority lists and started laying waste to all that came before me. Mate! I love the playstyle, I remember all the kiting fun I used to have to do back in vanilla with this little mage and recalled that this toon was my first 60 back in the day.

Hopefully Sokz the mage can stop me from cancelling my sub....

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