Nov 12, 2007

Level 11 and 10

I've just left Eversong Woods for Ghostlands - all mobs have been very easy and I'm just 1 (4) shotting them while the Pally does her nails. Only lost 2 of the team once due to a mouse error :) basically my mouse sometimes decides to send a keystroke for autorun or something due to my fat fingers pressing one of the side buttons.

My Setup
PC - Intel Dual Core E6600
Graphics - Nvidia GTS 8800
Mem - 2g of Corsair and 1 gig of yum cha brand
Screens : Dell 24 Wide + Syncmaster 19
KB - Logitech G15
Mouse - Razer Copperhead

Software - keyclone - awesome and well worth $10

I run 4 sessions tiled on the Dell and 1 for the Pally maximised on the Syncmaster. Keyclone will tile them for you if you start them with keyclone, I believe wowmaximiser will do the same thing.

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